“Mind The Gap”

Our analytic tools reveal how people talk about you - your brand, product, spokesperson, competitors, your industry. We use published media, customer support forums, review boards, emails, social media or your private data sets.

We distill multiple conversations down to a narrative with actionable insights so you can drive the discourse with your enthusiasts and the naysayers.


Bespoke Projects

High level investigative data research to inform corporate strategies and opportunities.

  • Custom In-depth analysis across multiple terms and topics

  • Integration with Private and Public Databases

  • Full look-back across months or years

  • Reporting with multiple metrics and benchmarking

  • Run in public or private cloud

  • Bot detection and input extraction

Front & Center


Track periodic changes in trends to reveal alignment between your strategies and your target audience.

  • Weekly or Monthly reporting across consistent topics

  • Integration with Private or Public Databases

  • Consistent comparison metrics

  • Integrate data from other media or ad buys

  • Runs parallel to ongoing social media campaigns

  • Bot detection



  • Audience Sentiment Analysis

  • Brand Perception

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Segmentation and Attribution

  • Online Reputation Management

  • Cultural Trend Analysis

  • Market Opportunity Analysis


  • Consumer Brands

  • Financial Services

  • Automotive

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Political Campaigns

  • Agencies

  • Any industry with lots of unstructured data


  • Discourse Overviews - Network Maps

  • Affinity Maps - Multi-node Ternary Plots and Longitudinal Tracking

  • Dynamic Sentiment Analysis Over Large Discussions

  • Coalescence Index™ - discussion aggregation and momentum around a topic

  • Influencer Monitoring - share of impact on a discussion

Dashboard sample - Front & Center subscription with longitudinal tracking of specific parameters


Share of conversation tracking; Nike and Adidas pertinent subreddit discussions, Oct. 2017 through Oct. 2018


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