About Us

The team at discourse data believes that words matter. People’s ideas, beliefs, and values are expressed by the words they choose and the other people they communicate with. Language reflects both an image of ourselves and our views of the larger world. Look deeper and you’ll see expressions of our day-to-day fears and aspirations.

With words, people form discussions - back and forth amongst themselves to create complex webs of ideas and interactions. Words and discussions are dynamic. They can express different meanings based on context and the personal biases of the participants.

discourse data uses Natural Language Processing and statistical analytic tools to understand the words that populate discussions. Our discourse analysis also examines the complex interactions of participants (authors) to help manage your own voice and participation in the online world.

We extract meaning out of the chatter. We give you actionable insight for your products, brands, people or agenda. You can't fully drive forward if you don't understand your various audiences.

discourse data is a multidisciplinary team with deep experience in data science, brand marketing, customer engagement, product research and high performance cloud computing environments. We are located in the San Francisco Bay area.